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The face of "quibble" of the wrong, well-known writers to positive and grateful to understand the response, it is moving. I always thought that the only positive face of criticism and pick the wrong people, the realm of life can continue to sublimate, life can become increasingly immortal and great.
The need to pick the wrong, from the narrow and one-sided subjective world. We often indulge in their own than ordinary people Ambilight, and forget the pride while keeping a face of humility.
So treat other people's fault, is to create a more rational soul, it makes people sober, people feel comfortable. Wise men such as Cao Yu, also well versed in this philosophy. When the United States playwright Monter to meet the master of the play, the exchange was in full swing, Cao Yu Huang Yongyu criticism of his letter: "I do not like your later play, one does not like, you lost the psychic gem Cao Yu is a translation of a word to the Monte to listen to ... ... visible Cao Yu's great, in addition to the relentless pursuit of the arts, Cao Yu is the most important thing, , But also reflected in the rational face of the wrong and frankly accepted.

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